We should replace the word ‘cloud’ with ‘somebody else’s computer’

80783a5f-cfa3-4f2c-8bde-d417daff319aWhen thinking about security we need to remember the physical reality of cloud computing, Graham Cluley tells Computing

Source: We should replace the word ‘cloud’ with ‘somebody else’s computer’, says security expert | Computing


I have a feeling that after a few more issues with “Cloud” platforms the service will be delivered with SLA’s of:

  • Available
  • Probably available
  • Possibly available
  • Who knows
  • please try again

If we understand that the myth is purely someone else managing the hardware with all the issues to contend with, multiplied by a few hundred if not thousand other users on the system then would you put critical systems or applications on services that could stop an entire company working?

Add paying pounds to get pence back in compensation if it all goes wrong…..

Reality is really a multi cloud/vendor/location solution. And to try to do this we need to teach a fish to ride a bicycle with some of the service providers and what they are trying to sell to people….


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